The Dover Experience

Southern Wilderness


Where the Huon Highway meets the coast, the historic town of Dover began it’s recorded history as a penal settlement. Forestry, fishing and fish farming has since shaped the fortitude of it’s people. Against the backdrop of mountains, with the salt air of the southern ocean and the towering breadth of the surrounding forest, take time to find out more about  this unique part of the world.


DOVER BEACHESBeaches, fishing or kayaking

Port of call for dolphins & whales

Dover’s foreshore encompasses Esperance Bay, an all weather, deep anchorage. It is a safe haven for fishermen, naval vessels and world yachtsman.

Then again, it’s just great for the local kids in their Dad’s tinny with a nylon hand line.



Local artisans


Don’t be deceived by our modest presentation, Dover is home to artists, musicians and lovers of fine food.

Delve a little deeper and you may want to stay as well.